Yes, These Are Mom Jeans.

Story Time.

When I graduated from high school, I started a collection. I started collecting pieces of clothing that fit right. I’ve always been petite, so I finding clothes that fit and didn’t make me look 12, was a challenge in itself. I didn’t just want clothes that fit my body right, but also my style. I wanted to buy classic, timeless items. Oh, and these things had to fit my wallet, because I’m a frugal one.

I collected these things gradually. After I got married, I felt like I had a lovely set of pencil skirts, feminine dresses, and sweet accessories that fit me wonderfully.

About 5 months after we got married, we were so blessed to find out that we would be celebrating an addition to our family! So exciting! Slowly, my carefully selected collection of classy clothes began to shrink. Err…maybe something else was going on. Apparently pencil skirts don’t look quite the same on a pregnant belly. Oh, well. I’ll just wear them after!

Fast forward to the present. I now have an incredible little boy. So active. So fun. So much love for him. I’m back to “normal” after having him, but “normal” isn’t what it was before. Those lovely pencil skirts? Yeah, they still don’t look quite like they use to. My favorite dresses? Well, even if they fit perfectly, trying to wrangle my little 9 month old alligator in a dress isn’t the more enjoyable thing.

I fought the “mom jeans” and the “mom look”, but here’s the thing: there’s a reason it has MOM in the name. That’s what works. I’m not saying that you can’t look nice and put together as a mom, but wearing a Vneck might not be the best option. Let’s just say that whatever neckline I wear can be expected to lower itself by about 3 inches when I pick up my wriggling bundle of joy. That neckline that was so sweet, feminine, and even modest? Nope. Not a good idea. No one needs to see that. And that skirt that was the perfect length? Well, your babe will scoot around on your lap and it won’t be anymore. Don’t do it.

This is why I went to the store yesterday and bought some mom shirts. Crew neck. Long hem. Comfy. It wasn’t worth the fight, anymore. Worrying about whether my clothes were covering all the right parts is not what I want to spend my time doing.

I came to the realization that it really didn’t matter. I wanted to present myself a certain way and look a particular way, but it didn’t matter. I am who I am, whether I’m wearing lace or lasagna (My husband found something crunchy on my jacket this morning. I told him I was just wearing “mom” today.) My husband loves me. My creator and Lord loves me. My son loves me. Maybe I don’t have the “look”, but it really doesn’t matter. I need to find my fulfillment in God and what He has called me to do, not in this other stuff. Right now, God has called me to the incredible blessing of being a mom. For the time being, that means wearing mom jeans. So, yes, these are mom jeans. They’re pretty great.