Let Go. Hold On.

Hello lovelies!

We’re 30/31 of the way through the Proverbs 31 series! Eek! Today’s verse is very well know. You’re probably familiar with it. Maybe you can even quote it. However, the truth is a hard one to hold on to. It sounds nice. We read it and go “Yeah, that’s right!” Then, we walk through the day focused on the lies that fight against this truth. Let’s take a look.

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
    but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

Charm is deceptive.
One definition of charm is to “arouse admiration”. Who doesn’t want to be admired? I know that I sure like the feeling of admiration. I like it when people think I’m smart and great and amazing. However, I don’t want relationships to be based on charm.

These are the facts:
There are good things about me that people might like.
There are less than good things about me that people may not like.
There are things about me that I would prefer people not know about me because they won’t like them.

Charm says “Look at all these good things about me! I’m wonderful! I’m lovely!” It promises all the good while neglecting the reality of less than great things that we ALL have in our lives. It’s that fake “Instagram life” that we’re all too familiar with. It’s the lie that someone can meet all of our emotional, physical, and spiritual needs in and of themselves, with no catch.

Don’t fall for charm. Don’t present charm. Although it may bring the instant gratification of aroused admiration, it will leave emptiness where your faults are hidden. Be real. God can handle your real. He already knows.

Let go of charm.

Beauty is fleeting.
We all know this, right? It’s pretty obvious. No one looks at a 90 year old woman and is surprised by her wrinkles, hair that lacks pigment, and loose skin. We all fawn over the soft and flawless skin of a baby, knowing that our skin doesn’t look like that anymore. We KNOW that beauty is temporal. Why then, do we strive for it so diligently?

Our culture says “This is important. Be beautiful and be beautiful  in this way.”
God says “I made you in my image. Be beautiful by being like me.”

Stop the comparison game. Stop the staring in the mirror trying for perfection. Find identity, fulfillment, satisfaction, and acceptance in God’s unfailing love.

Let go of beauty.

She fears the Lord.
This is the summary of a Proverbs 31, godly woman. You don’t have to have the hair, the brains, the body, the career, the house, the hobbies, the “have it all together”.

You have to have the Lord. Fear Him. Love Him. Trust Him. Obey Him.

Hold on to Him.


One more verse to go! Until then, here’s the printable: