But, I like bread.

Hello, lovelies! We are not on verse 27! That means only 4 more Proverbs 31 posts after this. Wow! As you read in the title, this verse mentions bread. Let check it out.

She watches over the affairs of her household
    and does not eat the bread of idleness.

The first half of this verse seems to continue with the flavor of the entire “Proverbs 31 Woman”. She works hard. She cares for her family. Let’s look at the second half, though.

She doesn’t eat the bread of idleness.
I think it’s kind of interesting that the author chose bread to represent idleness. Bread is often used in scripture to represent something that sustains or is life giving. Jesus even called Himself the “bread of life”.

You know, idleness can sustain for a time. It’s kind of like how “sin is fun for a season”. Idleness can feel good. We can even justify it by saying we “need a break” because we’ve “earned it”. I don’t mean to say we shouldn’t rest, because God is very clear that rest is necessary. Idleness and Rest are two different things.

Idle: Not employed; unoccupied with business; inactive; doing nothing; slothful; given to rest and ease; averse to labor or employment; lazy.

Rest:Quiet; repose; a state free from motion or disturbance; a state of reconciliation to God.

The motivation here is key. A godly woman isn’t unoccupied, inactive, or slothful. She rests, but she isn’t given to rest. She knows how to be quiet and reconcile with God, but she also knows how to work hard and she does. She eats the bread that REALLY sustains.

In my experience, there are times that I feel like I need to be idle. I need to sit, and veg, and scroll through Facebook. However, in these moments, what I really need is God. Next time I am craving “idle bread” (it’s almost as tasty as sourdough), I want to remember to crave God instead.