Be Yourself…kind of.

I’m back with another Proverbs 31 post! I have been struggling this this one. I have look at it several days and have not had a clear “Oh, that’s what that means” moment. Here is the verse:

Proverbs 31:22

She makes coverings for her bed;
    she is clothed in fine linen and purple.

After searching some commentaries, here are some thoughts.

She makes coverings for her bed.
This could be read: She furnishes her home. A post or two ago, I spoke to the unique way that God has blessed men and women. One of the ways that God gifts women (generally speaking), is with the talent of being able to decorate a home. Before my husband and I got married, he owned the house that we now live in. It was the same house and very well kept, but fairly empty. He had little desire or inspiration to add to the walls or shelves

After we got married, it was a joy of mine to add photographs, wall hangings, pillows, and love to the house to make it a home. Not every woman loves to decorate and that’s okay. I think that the heart of the matter is to embrace how God has gifted you, uniquely and femininely, to be used in your home.

She is clothed in fine linen and purple.
Someone of honor would wear these types of cloth. We are called to be women of honor.

Pulpit commentary read: The wife dresses herself in a way becoming her station, avoiding the extremes of sordid simplicity and ostentatious luxury.

This makes sense! It almost reminds me of the common phrase “Be yourself!” I both agree and disagree with this phrase. It is usually meant to throw off any hindrance felt by another person’s opinion and be whoever you want to be. This is not a good or biblical approach. However, being who God made you to be is the best, most fulfilling, incredibly empowering, most lovely thing to be. This means that using the uniqueness He has gifted you with in a way that is consistent with His will, word, and character.

I think that the last half of Proverbs 31:22 speaks to this. Don’t try to be who you’re not. Don’t dress for the crowd. Dress in an honorable, modest, and becoming way for who God has made you to be. While risking to be cliche, I would like to say that God only made one you. He made you YOU for a purpose. Do that!

I would love to hear any thoughts you lovelies have about this verse! Below is the printable pretty for this one. God bless you!