With What Kind of Hands (and heart)?

Hello, lovelies!

We’ve made it to post #4 of the Proverbs 31 series.

Proverbs 31:13:

She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands.

Let’s break it down.

She select wool and flax.
She looks for and seeks out what her family needs. Maybe my family doesn’t need wool and flax. However, they do have specific needs. I need to ask God for wisdom and help in discerning these needs and then do what I can to “select wool and flax” for my family.

I think that this can be a little difficult at times. I know that while I was working as a nurse, it was fulfilling and an easy way to see how I was meeting a need. I was physically providing for those in need that were in the hospital and I was able to bring home money to bless our family.

Now, as a stay at home wife and mom, it can be more difficult to “select wool and flax”. It take intentionality to spend my time wisely while I am at home all day. Of course there is the spending time with my son and keeping our house, but it’s the times after all that is done that I have a choice to make. Will I spend my time for me? Will I choose to do things that will bless God and my family? This can be a tough one after putting a fussy baby down for his nap after a long morning. I need God’s help here.

She works with eager hands.
She works. Not only so, but with eager hands. Other translation I read used phrases like “willing works”, “busily”, and “works with her hands in delight”. Working, I can do. Give me a task and it will be done. Ask me to do something and I will do it. This verse doesn’t just speak to the task, though. It speaks to the heart. Time and time again, God reveals that as much as He cares about our actions, our heart is so much more important to Him. I must serve eagerly, willingly, and with the love of God in my heart.

Summary: A godly woman is purposeful and and eager to serve her family with love.

Another great verse to work on my heart. Here’s the printable to remind us!

Proverbs 31 13