When Simple Isn’t Easy

Hello lovelies!

We’re now at post #3 for the Proverbs 31 walk-through! I’ve been enjoying this very much and hope that maybe someone else is too.

Today we’re on Proverbs 31:12:

She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life.

I was trying to find something in this verse that wasn’t really obvious. Really, though, God’s word often means exactly what it says.

She brings him good, not harm.
This is pretty simple. It’s very similar to the post on Proverbs 31:11. Bring life. Enrich. Do good. Love him. Respect him. Encourage him. Enough said.

The second part, although equally simple, seams to be incredibly more difficult.

All the days of her life.
I’m going to steal a phrase I’ve often heard from a wise man at my church: “The word ‘all’ in the original language means……ALL.” This doesn’t mean “most of the time”, “often”, “sometimes”, or “usually”. This verse says ALL the days of her life. Yikes! I know that I have already fallen short in this. I do not have it in me to only bring my husband good ALL the days of my life, but by God’s wonderful grace, it is something I can strive for.

Let this be a reminder to myself…
On the days I think that I deserve a break: ALL the days
On the days I don’t feel good: ALL the days
On the days that go smoothly: ALL the days
On the days that don’t go as planned: ALL the days

Well since today falls into that category, I best strive to bring him good. I pray that you will strive for this, as well!


Proverbs 31 12