Bless This Mess

Hello, lovelies!

In the months of preparation for our sweet baby’s arrival, this advice was given to us:

“Pray that God will fill in the cracks.”

What in the world does that mean? As parents, we all try to prepare to the Nth degree. We read books, research methods, ask lots of questions, and look to those who we’ve seen do it well. We do all that we can to be ready to bring this little blessing into the world and raise them right. However, it’s just not enough.

I think I probably made it about 3 minutes into motherhood before I made a mistake. (Do I get an award?) In the weeks to follow, I figured a lot out, but mostly by trial and error. I’d like to think that at seven and a half months in, we’re doing pretty good, but just last night, I had to leave a bible study I was helping teach because my baby was screaming (turns out he is pretty serious about his bed time).

All this being said, I fall short on a daily basis. As much as I want to be ALL that my son needs, I can’t be. God has blessed me incredibly with the opportunity to raise this baby with my husband, but ultimately, God is the only one who can be everything that Judah needs.

So this is what what a “God fill in the cracks” prayer looks like:

Dear God,
Thank you so much for blessing me with my son. That you for a wonderful husband that leads our family, loves our son, and works so hard. Please help us to be the parents that Judah needs us to be. Give us wisdom, discernment, and courage to love him, teach him, and discipline him. Please help him to become the man that you made him to be. Where we fall short, please fill in the cracks and bless our son.
In Jesus name,

I am thankful for the recommendation of this prayer. It brings peace and hope to know that Judah’s success as a child of God is not solely dependent on me. Thank the Lord, for His grace.

There is a trendy phrase that kind of reminds me of this prayer: “Bless this Mess”

Here are a couple of printables that go along with these words. May God fill in the cracks for all of us.