Just A Mom

Today I am just a mom.

Does anyone else think that sometimes? I think about the things I see all these other women doing and think “Wow! They are important and valuable.” Then I remember that I’m not them. I haven’t started my own business. I’m not a gourmet cook. I’m not trendy. I’m not a photographer. I’m just a mom.

I get lost in the nots. All of these nots are accurate statements, but why dwell on those things? The statement “I’m just a mom” is almost accurate, but not quite. No one is ever JUST a mom. When you are a mom, you are THEIR mom. To your little(s), you are love and laughter, support and strength, security and stability. Take the “not” out and simple say “I am a mom.” This should be a statement of joy, thankfulness, and accomplishment.

God gifted us each in specific and unique ways to be the mom that He wants us to be. No, not every mom will start their own business. Some will work outside the home and some will bring in zero income. All of these moms are moms. Not every mom will be great at cooking. Some will be gifted in teaching, others encouraging, and some organizing. Whether a mom homeschools, is the team mom, or barely got dinner on the table, she is never just a mom. She is a mom. Let’s fully live the lives God has made us to live, whatever that may look like.

I am a mom.