Time Well Spent

As mentioned last post, sweet little J is here now. Thinking that I was very prepared, before he arrived, I have been surprised at how many things you just have to figure out as you go and, really, wing it! One of those things is the fact that my sweet boy is a sloooow eater. Eat time he eats, I know that I’m looking at a good hour of being occupied.
I’m a do-er by nature. I like to get things done and be busy, to some degree. This whole slow eater thing was definitely an adjustment in this area. I found myself still wanting to “do” while I was sitting there. I started with facebook surfing and playing words with friends. Next came instagram and pinterest. Although all of these things can definitely consume my time, they aren’t super productive of beneficial to spend hours on each day. This week God gave me a little nudge and suggested a better use of my time: dwelling on Him and His word.
Each week, my husband and I take turns selecting a verse or two to memorize. At the end of the week we recite the verses to one another and then pick a new one. This week he had picked Romans 5:3-5. I started using my tied-up-time to memorize these verses. As I read the verses around the ones I was to memorize, I realized that they were ALL so good. Shocker (not). I felt compelled to memorize as much as I could this week. I started at verse one and moved from verse to verse as I had them ebbed in my mind. It was a blessing to fill my time and my heart with this truth. Here is one of those lovely truths:


Romans 5 6Romans 5 6