Hello! Hello!
After taking awhile off, I’ve made it back! Where have I been? Well, if you look back, one of the last posts on here was a 38 week Bump Update. That was the last bump picture, because 3 days later, we had our sweet little baby! He’s pretty great and already a month old! Wow! If you don’t buy how cute he is, here’s some proof:




I know. I was right, wasn’t I?
Anyways, life since baby has been filled with lots and lots of new. There have been so many blessings, but also the hard parts and frustrations of trying to figure out everything about this little blessing that God has placed in our family. I’ve found myself thinking on the difficulties much too often. How like a fallen human is that, though? God blesses with an incredible blessing, an answer to prayer even, and I choose to dwell on the hard parts that come along with it. After realizing what I was doing (stealing joy from myself and glory from God), I asked God to help me see things from His perspective and trust Him. What a difference! With all that being said, I thought that this quickly made printable pretty was applicable:


Enjoy a wonderful Thursday and ask God what He has for you to see, today.