Our Little Meal Plan

Hello, again!

One thing that I wanted to share on this blog, was my meal planning. I like to be organized and have a routine to follow, in most areas of my life. When my husband and I got married, I found this to be true about how I approach meal planning. I realize that some people have the wonderful gift of being able to just go to the store, grab things off of shelves, and throw together beautiful meals. This, however, is not me. Until I reach that height of meal planning excellence, planning I will do!


While I am in the planning way of doing things, I thought that perhaps someone else might benefit from it. My way is very simple, but it works for our little family. I start with a very basic master list of grocery item that we need on a regular basis. I have this list in an excel sheet, organized on the left column by meal and the right column by where I would find it in the grocery store we shop in (which just happens to be Winco). This is what it looks like: Meal Planning Master

You will notice that below the master list is a little chart with days of the week. I do my big planning on dinners, which is what I would fill out this section with. Our breakfasts are generally boring, cereal for me and oatmeal for Justin. Our lunches consist of leftovers, sandwiches, and paninis.

You may be wondering why Sunday and Wednesdays are already filled in and not with a meal plan. Sundays are our day of rest, as mentioned in Exodus 20. We try to not do cooking on Sundays, but have simple meals like either the leftovers or sandwiches mentioned. On Wednesday nights, our church hosts a dinner that we go to, before activities.

All this being said, this is the document that I start with when doing my meal planning. Now for the planning:

I fill in the rest of the week’s dinners with recipes we have made before (Recipes We Can Make) and ideas off of Pinterest (My Pinterest “Yummers” Board). After my meals are all filled in, I copy my master list to a column a couple to the right of the original. Then, I delete anything on my master list that I don’t need this week. Next, I add in any ingredients that aren’t already in my kitchen (flour, spices, eggs, etc.). I try to place the items in the order of what I will pick up first to last, in the store.

This week, this is what everything looked like when I was done: Meal Planning 10/28/15

Ta-Da! That’s all. Very simple. Next week, I plan on placing all of my recipes in the post, as well. Then, if you so wish, you can copy, paste, print, and plan! Hopefully these little thoughts will be helpful to someone other than myself. Have a wonderful Wednesday, all!